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Finding your happy place!

Posted by Victoria Inkster on April 17, 2016 at 11:45 AM

For years I struggled with trying to learn how to meditate properly. Why? Because I have read and been told many times the health benefits of meditating, To meditate calms the mind, body and refreshes the soul. My problem however is there are so many thoughts going on in my mind it is extremely difficult to remove them and empty my mind in preparation of calmness. As I work, and it is work to remove the thoughts, they each creep back in like little thought devils, pitch fork in hand challenging me everytime. Needless to say they win.

As I drive in to work in the mornings with my family, I quietly sit as a passenger, sipping my coffee and will often design costumes in my head. My family would converse with me and the radio would be on, yet when I am in this place everything else dissapears. My husband would marvel at how I can close the world and noises out so completely and he claims when he witnesses me during the drive I often have a very peaceful smile on my face.

It took awhile for me to recognize and I think it was my husband who pointed it out, that during these early morning drives when I am in what he calls my 'Happy Place' I am in fact meditating. My mind is calm, the little thoughts devils cannot get through and I feel at peace. Maybe meditating does not mean completely blanking out your mind, even though this does work for many, it can mean finding your happy place and living there briefly each day.

When I look back I used to calm my mind years ago by concentrating on an oil painting I would be working on. I would focus on each brush stroke, visioning the colours and the oil paint as it spread on the canvess, the blending and mixing of colours. Without realizing it I have in fact been meditating for years.

I encourage you if you have not had any success with meditating to find your happy place. Life often throws us curve balls that at times can knock us over so finding a healthy way of escaping these curve balls even for a moment now and then will give you strength to stand up and keep going.

I love creating and feel blessed to have discovered the joy of designing dance costumes. 

I would love to hear about your meditation experiences. Maybe your methods are completely different from mine and I am always interested in trying new healthy ways to improve, mind, body and soul.

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