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The Customize Process

Once we have confirmed your order the fun begins!!!

Do not let this initial stage overwhelm you due to the endless possibilities, this is the beginning of the fun!

Where to start!

It can be daunting when trying to decide on your final costume design. So many colours, styles and fabrics to choose from. I often ask my clients to send me a variety of pictures of various costumes they like and to highlight the features of each costume they prefer. This gives us a great starting point to begin the design process. Pictures can be found all over the internet, but most often are found in Pinterest.


Definitely the music and choreography play an integral role in the over all costume design and often the creating of the design is a team effort including input from the dancer/skater, coach/choreographer and myself, and in many cases the parent. Team work!!!

This first step can be the most enjoyable as the options are endless and together as a team we will come up with a unique design just for you.

I do get repeat orders for various costumes I have already created, but I usually tweak and modify so everyone has a very personal, one of a kind dance/skate costume to enjoy.

This same process can also be applied to the ordering of leotards and tutus.


After we have looked through various pictures and discussed the features preferred from each design I often draft up a quick sketch to ensure I am creating the costume you want. If the costume you are looking for is very similar to a picture, I may not draft it, but please note: ***I DO NOT COPY ANOTHER COSTUMER's DESIGNS***. These pictures are for inspiration only!!!