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Accurate Measurements are Extremely IMPORTANT!!! 

***Please contact me if you are unsure of how to take the appropriate measurements. I will arrange a mutually convenient time to Facetime with you to go through the measurement process together.***

Image: - Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 are mandatory measurements for all dance/skate costumes.

There are a variety of other measurements and these will vary depending on the costume. For example:

  • Nape
  • High Hip
  • Waist to ankle
  • Waist to above the knee
  • Arm (shoulder to middle finger)
  • Front chest
  • Back chest 


When you submit your request for a dance costume and once your order is confirmed, and deposit paid I will send you a note with which measurements we will need in addition to the mandatory 4.

Please then submit your measurements and any other pertinent information via the measurement form as per the website tabs above.

***The tape measure must always be placed firmly against the body, not pulling in but tight enough to considered a layer of skin. ***