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Pricing will depend on many factors. All dance costumes vary greatly in style, fabric, lace and stones. Below is a guideline to help determine the costs for leotards, dance costumes and skating costumes. Once a design has been agreed upon a final quote will be submitted for review and approval.

I strive to work within my customers budgets and modify choices of fabrics and trims accordingly to ensure all my dancers and skaters are thrilled with the end result. My mission is to create a "wow" costume my clients will be totally delighted in!


Custom made to measure start at $125.00

Custom made to measure with Block start at $175.00

All Leo's are partially lined

Extra's are: Full lining, mesh, multiple colours, lace, and style. The price for the extra's will depend on the choices of fabrics and trims agreed upon between the client and myself.


All quotes will be based on a per meter basis where applicable and all trims, notions and materials will remain the property of Victoria's TuTu

Stretch fabric lace $25.00

Stretch trim lace $15.00

Lace trim with stones/beads $30.00

Appliqued stretch lace $100.00

Appliqued non stretch fabric lace, no stones or beads $150.00

Appliqued non stretch fabric lace with stones and/or beads $250.00

Full Body lining $20.00

Circle skirt mid length $50.00

Circle skirt full length $100.00

Half circle skirt mid length $45.00

Half circle skirt full length $75.00

1440 Swarovski's Stones $250.00

1440 Swarovski's Stones colour and AB $350.00

Rhinestone chains $20.00

Head Pieces To Be Determined

Stretch Tutu no embellishments $450.00

Classic Pancake Tutu no embellishments $650.00

Child Pancake Tutu $500.00

Romantic Tutu no embellishments $500.00

Tutu Plate (TBD)

Child Romantic $350.00

Practice tutu with basque, hook and eyes, 9 layers tulle/net $225.00

Practice tutu with stretch basque and panty, 7 layers tulle/net $14500