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Classic Pancake Tutu

The pancake tutu is typically 9 to 10 layers of heavily gather nylon net, attached to a power net panty and basque.

I use a combination of nets to maximize the flat pancake and to ensure longevity.

All tutus include a powernet panty.

Bell Tutu

Bell tutus may vary greatly in style and length. These tutus are crafted similar to the pancake tutu, 9 to 10 layers of gathered nylon net attached to a power net panty.

This tutu is slightly longer than the pancake and droops over in a bell shape- hence the name 'Bell' .

The net is usually softer, making this tutu a droopy classical pancake!

Romantic Tutu

The romantic tutu is typically 5 layers of soft nylon net, sometimes attached to a panty with a basque. Variations of the romantic will depend on the overall style of the costume.

The length of the romantic generally falls at the swell of the dancer's calf.

Thank you @ArtisticSamantha for the illustrations of the various tutu styles. Please enjoy Samantha's other artistic drawings found on her Instagram account.